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Why Vistaprint

Vistaprint is the top online provider of marketing products and services for small businesses worldwide, Vistaprint makes it its mission to provide high-quality, customized marketing products at an affordable price. When the company began in 1994, businesses were forced to buy products in bulk at expensive rates or do their own printing themselves. Vistaprint was designed to allow even the smallest of businesses to create and purchase affordable and professional marketing materials for less. Fifteen years later, the company still has the same mission today.

Benefits of Vistaprint custom printing on demand

  • Wide Range of Products
  • From business cards to promotional key chains to business emails, Vistaprint offers a large variety of products that small businesses and individuals need. Not only does this give people several options, but it also allows them to buy all of their products in the same place to ensure consistency in design and material.

  • Affordable Prices
  • Small businesses and individuals often cannot afford to spend top dollar on their printing needs. Vistaprint not only has affordable prices, but it also offers a wide variety of sales and coupon codes to bring prices even lower.If you came here to look for the latest 2014 coupons please visit our homepage. Furthermore Customers can even earn credit by referring friends and family.

  • Range of Quantities Available
  • Prior to Vistaprint, printing small quantities of items was simply not cost-effective. Vistaprint changed all of that. Whether companies want 1 mug or 1,000 business cards, they can order the quantity of items they need for an affordable price.

  • Easy to Use
  • Creating highly customized products does not have to be difficult. Vistaprint is incredibly easy to use, even for people who have little to no technical knowledge. Users can simply choose the layouts, fonts, colors and designs they prefer and upload their images with just a few clicks.

  • Sample Kits
  • Unlike its competitors, Vistaprint offers business and wedding free sample kits. These kits allow business owners and brides to see and feel in person the various products, stocks and finishes Vistaprint has to offer.

    Whether people need business cards, promotional mugs or custom notepads, Vistaprint offers a wide variety of services and printed materials and products for small businesses and individuals who need quality products at an affordable price.

    How to Save Money Using Vistaprint

    One of the hallmarks of Vistaprintís business plan is its penchant for offering discounts and Indeed, it seems as though there is always a markdown or a coupon available to this companyís customers. Free shipping is frequently provided as well.

    Therefore, if you conduct a search on a major Internet search engine, youíre bound to find plenty of websites that distribute Vistaprint coupons. Keep in mind that many of these coupons will have expiration dates; thus, itís best to do these searches on a semi-regular basis. Also remember that you can set up a Google Alert so that this program will notify you when new Vistaprint coupons become available.

    Plus, you can sign up for the official Vistaprint mailing list. After you do so, you will receive -- perhaps even be inundated by -- the company's emails, many of which will include links leading you to exclusive sales and deals.

    First, Vistaprintís offerings are diverse. Through its website, you can order banners, invitations, and business cards, among a wide range of other items. Additionally, all of these products are customizable: You can upload your own designs and photographs so that they are incorporated in promotional materials.

    Once you have created a design, you can preview the way it would look on a variety of products. You might like the way that it appears on, say, a coffee mug, but you might discover that it just doesn't seem right on a shirt. Thus, you can tinker with it until you feel that it works well across the spectrum. Alternately, for an extra charge, you can purchase a premium design from the company.

    Moreover, all of the tools on Vistaprint are easy to use and intuitive, and the design process itself is simple and streamlined. Therefore, there are no complex sets of directions to read and follow. Instead, even a beginner can go to the website and get to work right away.

    This website will save all of the work that you do. That way, if you want to return to Vistaprint at some point to order more business cards, for instance, you donít have to upload your design again. Rather, the business card template that you have already set up will be there waiting for you.

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    Recent Reviews

    I placed my first order with Vistaprint as i needed a lot of (cheap) businesscards to hand out at an event. My review: You get what you pay for. I ordered 250 business cards. In total i paid $25 for this ( including shipping) Delivery time was no issue for me, so the 14 days it took for them to print and ship them to my house was ok. The quality was somewhat dissapointing though, colour tone was a bit off, but overall they were ok to serve their purpose. Their price obvously is the best out there!
    Rating: 3 / 5

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    Im quite happy with the business card that i ordered from Vistaprint. I also ordered magnets, but they didnt stick. After i contacted Vistaprint regarding this issue they solved it in a professional manner: Within 4 days i received new magnets at no additional charge. A+ Company with good service.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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