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Vistaprint Free Business Cards vs 250 Business Cards for $10

Why it's better to opt for the $10 business card offer from Vistaprint

Free Businesscards vs Premium

I have recently seen my friend kill his business even before launching it. He planned to open a small online printing service. He wanted a bunch of visiting cards to promote his service prior to launching it. Being budget minded, he decided to go VistaPrint free business cards. He was unaware that this offer did not include shipping costs and found out about that just as he was about to complete his order. Believing that it was still a bargain, he went ahead and placed the order. Since he would be out of town for a couple of weeks, he instructed his staff to distribute the cards, as soon as they arrived, to potential clients.

Your competitor's logo and website details on the back of your card

He was flabbergasted when he did not find a single order upon returning... but why? Each card contained VistaPrint's logo along with their promotional slogan and their website's url its backside. Their website mentions this point in fine print, but few individuals, in their rush for availing this offer, often fail to notice it. By the time they do... after receiving the cards... is it too late. VistaPrint is a well established and reputable online printing company, therefore, my friend's potential customers sent their print orders to them.

Your card is your representative

Remember, your card represents you. You should go for the paid version that retails at $10 per 500 cards, inclusive of shipping. Apart from that, the GSM (grams per square meter) of the free cards is lighter than the premium stock used for printing the paid cards. On one hand, you are stuck with just a couple of designs if you choose the VistaPrint free business cards. 215 GSM stock is used for the free cards. On the other, you can select from a wide range of templates when you order their premium range. They print their premium range of cards on 350 GSM matte card stock boards, ideal for businesses. Apart from this, you can change the layout of the card, select from a huge variety of fonts, and include your photo and logo. The free version offers none of those options but includes shipping and processing charges.

You get what you pay for

Nothing is available free of cost nowadays... there has to be a catch to it. Many other online printing sites offer free visiting cards. So what is the catch? Some of them charge outlandish shipping costs. In fact, you may end up paying more for cards that promote the services of the printer. You can avoid this embarrassment by purchasing paid visiting cards offered by VistaPrint. You can select from a whopping 5000 multicolored CYMK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) templates. Comparatively, you cannot change the colour of the free version, most of which are dual coloured.

Unboxing of the free business cards

Be prepared for spam mail

Did I forget to mention that your would soon be flooded with spam mail a couple of days after purchasing the free cards. More often than not, many companies, that offer free visiting cards, send mails promoting their other services. In certain cases, they sell their email list to other companies and the recipient sells them to other companies too (fortunately Vistaprint is not one of them). This chain reaction can lead to your inbox being flooded with junk mail. In certain cases, the online printing stores practically force you to purchase accessories such as card wallets and holders before you can complete the process. They do not mind if you cancel the deal because they have already accessed your email. Can you imagine the consequences if you attempt to place an order for business cards using your office email id?

How can they offer free cards at such ridiculous rates?
Online printing companies typically pre print bulk quantity of these cards, leaving the portion for the text blank. Once you complete filling in your information on their online form, they superimpose that information on their pre printed stock. Moreover, the designs of the free cards are not worth talking about. As far as the GSM is concerned, try to rip a free card and a premium one... you will understand the difference. Fold the free one... it gets creased. However, the premium cards pop back in to shape. Compare the size of the free and premium cards. The free ones are smaller than standard US business cards.

Pros of premium VistaPrint cards:

  • Massive range of templates to select from
  • Excellent customer support
  • User friendly online design feature
  • Option to upload your logo and position it
  • Preview the card before placing the order
  • No logo or url of the company on the back of the card
  • Instead of selecting VistaPrint free business cards, go for the premium one. They launch special offers from time to time, allowing you to purchase 500 premium cards for $20, plus processing and shipping charges.

    This works out to six Cents per card assuming they charge an additional $10 for processing and shipping.

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