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VistaPrint is one of the most well-known providers of online printing services.
Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and quality printing processes, you can simply load your designs on Vistaprint's website and get your materials professionally printed. All aspects of the printing process-from design to printing to delivery-are done and managed online.
Another great benefit VistaPrint brings to the table is that it allows users to use templates. This comes in handy if you don't really have an existing design for your business card. Finally, VistaPrint is very well-known because it is almost alone online as the company that truly delivers free business cards. Keep the following article in mind when looking to order business cards from this online printing company.

After trying out both of VistaPrint's '250 cards for free'(*) and '250 Businesscards for $10' deals, I highly recommend that you try the ten dollar deal instead. Keep in mind that this $10 deal includes the price of shipping. Why opt for the $10 package? Not only do you get more choices in terms of design, you also get a better value overall. Here is a side by side analysis/comparison of both business card promotions.

250 free business cards promotion

Free Business cards
Only a few years back, you could get some completely free offers for business cards. Unfortunately, nowadays when you search for 'free business cards' on search engines, chances are you'll pull up a page full of ads.

There are simply fewer free business card sites nowadays. The reason there are so many ad sites and ad pages in your search results when you type in 'free business cards' into Google is because this search term gets over 60,000 searches every month. Whenever you have that kind of search volume, you're sure to have a lot of people trying to get free traffic by making pages for that search term.

Thankfully, there are still a few legit online printing companies that actually hand out free business cards(*). While there is only a handful of them, the good news is that these 'free business card' companies do exist.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that, in this world at least, the 'free lunch' has yet to be invented. Expect a catch when a company offers something for 'free.' After all, companies who offer free business cards stand to lose money with such free promotions. So what is the catch? What is in it for them? The most common way printing companies get their money back from the 'free' cards they give away is when they increase the shipping fees they charge. It is not unusual for free printing companies to double the shipping rates of their 'free' business cards. Other companies, such as VistaPrint, use another method: they up sell. These companies would show you all sorts of other offers and service add-ons before you complete your 'free' order.

How the 'free' model works

VistaPrint and other free business card websites use the 'free' card promotions to get people to notice. They use the free angle to get people to visit their websites. Keep in mind that they don't make money giving free stuff away. How can they? Instead, they make money through up sells or gimmicks. Thankfully, companies that try to get back their 'free' cards' costs through shipping fee manipulations didn't really get far with such shenanigans. When it comes to offering real value and real free cards, VistaPrint is virtually alone online. You truly get free business cards from VistaPrint. You just have to make it through the checkout process and the series of up sells and other add-on offers. However, keep reading below to get the most value from VistaPrint. Why you should buy VistaPrint's '$10 for 250 cards' offer instead of the free offer

One of the most obvious drawbacks to getting free business cards printed up by VistaPrint is that you really don't have much of a choice when it comes to card design.

Why? VistaPrint's collection of design templates is quite limited. In fact, there is only 45 template designs available on the VistaPrint design. Unless you're looking for a fairly conventional business card design, this is a serious drawback. As you probably already know, you need business cards that are distinctive enough to separate your company brand from your competition. You can't do that with generic or standard designs. Don't get us wrong-VistaPrint's existing collection of free template designs are great. Visually, they are professionally-made.

Another key factor to keep in mind if you are considering ordering free business cards from VistaPrint is the card stock used for free cards. Unlike the $10 paid 'premium' version, your free cards will be printed on lower quality card stock. Moreover, your free business cards will have the text 'Business cards are free at' Imagine giving out your 'professional' cards at events and conventions and having your business prospect turn your card over to see that you got your card printed for free at VistaPrint. How would that impact your professional appeal or credibility with your business prospect? The $10 cards are worth it.

Premium Businesscards
Considering the factors listed about, it is really makes a lot of sense for you to order the $10 for 250 cards offer. Not only do your cards look more professional because they are printed on better card stock, you also get a wider choice of designs because you can upload your own photos and custom text.

Just as important, your cards won't have the 'free business cards' text at the back which might harm your business' appeal at conventions, public events, or business networking events. While free VistaPrint cards can make great sense when you're just handing out cards among friends and family or you're using your business cards as entry cards for 'get a free lunch' contests held by restaurants in your area, they really aren't up for the job when it comes to business marketing and business development.

The last impression you want to make with your business contacts is being perceived as 'the free business card guy.' Not a good move and definitely bad form. Since there is only a 2 cent per card difference between the $10 cards and free cards, it is definitely worth your while to pay a little extra and get more professional cards. The current '250 for $10' VistaPrint offer includes free shipping. Considering the fact that the business impression you wish to make with your contacts is priceless, paying a premium of a measly 2 cents per card is a very small price to pay for a more professional product that can lead to a lot more business opportunities and could possibly open the door for more business deals. Select the 250 for $10 promotion today

VistaPrint has already closed previous free offers. The free cards program described above is the only free cards program they have left. Considering the mission-critical nature of your business cards, the best decision is to pay the $10 to get 250 high-quality professional business cards from VistaPrint.

(*) Free Businesscard Offer is not always available. Visit our homepage to see an updated list of current Vistaprint offers.

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I placed my first order with Vistaprint as i needed a lot of (cheap) businesscards to hand out at an event. My review: You get what you pay for. I ordered 250 business cards. In total i paid $25 for this ( including shipping) Delivery time was no issue for me, so the 14 days it took for them to print and ship them to my house was ok. The quality was somewhat dissapointing though, colour tone was a bit off, but overall they were ok to serve their purpose. Their price obvously is the best out there!
Rating: 3 / 5

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Im quite happy with the business card that i ordered from Vistaprint. I also ordered magnets, but they didnt stick. After i contacted Vistaprint regarding this issue they solved it in a professional manner: Within 4 days i received new magnets at no additional charge. A+ Company with good service.
Rating: 5 / 5

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